Showcased Project Kisani at Mobile Developer Summit

Mobile Developer Summit is the biggest and multi-platform conference and expo series for India’s mobile developer ecosystem.It was held on September 15-16, 2016 at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. The summit was nice with lots of learning and sharing experiences. Here at Intel’s Internet of Things booth I have presented an IoT agriculture solution built on Azure that solves farming problems in India.

Project Kisani is an IoT-based application that suggests to farmers the crops that should be planted to get the maximum yield for their production.Instead of merely planting traditional crops, the IoT-based device will evaluate the environmental conditions and soil conditions and suggest the crops accordingly.

Recently I was interviewed by Vice Magazine for the same, here is the interview 

The summit was awesome and the audience was very enthusiastic about IoT stuff and how the complete ecosystem works. I received quite a good feedback for my project like:

  • The device should be able to work without direct power-supply for a longer duration as farmers get electricity only for 4-5 hours in villages of India.
  • The device should be able to measure the pH level of soil as it plays in important role for growth of crops.

fellow Intel Innovator Nagasai presented a beautiful solution on Smart cities where houses can generate their own electricity and sell the access to make revenue.

Here is the official picture gallery of the summit. You can spot me at Intel booth demoing the project. 😉

and here is some more pics-

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