Global IoT Dev Fest

The Global IoT DevFest is coming up soon, make sure to confirm your spot and register today! Don’t miss your chance to learn from industry leading IoT experts and your fellow innovators. The conference is free to attend, and since it is virtual, you can login from wherever you are in the world. Plus, you have ability to customize your experience by choosing which talks you want to listen to and schedule 1:1 sessions with the speakers.
As of today we will have over 50 IoT talks on Latest Innovations in IoT, Future IoT Trends, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation and Smart Retail.
Headlining the event we have Brian McCarson, CTO of IoT Strategy at Intel, Austin Ashe, GM of Smart Cities at GE, Steve Orrin, Chief Technologist for Intel Federal, Preston Holmes, Head of IoT Solutions for Google Cloud, Tim Abels, Director of Server Architecture at Intel and Ajay Mungara Senior Product Manager: Internet of Things Developer Experience at Intel Corporation.

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IoT solutions with Microsoft Azure

The Internet of Things is all about the data we get from smart things. With the rise of IoT devices this data is increasing at an exponential rate and the challenges are also increasing. The use of IoT can be from saving a second by turning on or off the lights automatically or saving a person’s life, in the later situation, a delay of a single second should not be acceptable while developing the application and processing it with the cloud and with the importance of IoT device and the impact it can make in people’s life, the IoT cloud services should be developed carefully keeping some important factors in mind. Microsoft Azure provides IoT suite which is collection of many different services which will help you to quickly scale up your IoT solution and improve business results. The talk will give you an overview of different services offered by Microsoft Azure for IoT and how you can quickly set up IoT suite and connect your device to Azure. In this talk with the live demonstration, we will show two-way communication with Azure and Visualizing the data with PowerBI.

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