Capture & Translate

Microsoft released the powerful OCR library for winRT few months back. I was very excited to try this hence created a small app that can translate images to text and I am very impressed by its performance.

Capture & Translate is a powerful application that can converts  text from images or scanned document into an editable format. Just take a picture of a text or choose an existing one from your library and the app will immediately recognize your text and extract it. You can even translate the extracted text to any other language.
It allows you to extract and translate text from any image whether that’s from a magazine, a street sign,  or any other source. It can also be used for learning different languages. It can be ideal when you want to convert your scanned documents to editable form or for translating foreign languages or for those times when you find a story in a magazine and want to save it for reference at a later time in digital format.

You can try it here