Won Microsoft IoT Challenge 1

I got to know and work on Internet of Things to its depth because of Microsoft IoT competition. Being a finalist I received an Intel Galileo board on which we had to build our project and the backend should be Windows and Azure. It was an awesome 3 months journey in which I learned a lot. We were continuously in communication with Microsoft, Microsoft guys Ujjwal Kumar and Abhishek Narayan guided us. I was so lucky to get introduced with Windows IoT in its early stage. Then I also got a chance to demo my project in the largest Azure Conference, which was held in Pune. We presented there at IoT booth and at the end I got awarded with a certificate and a Nokia Lumia 925 Phone.


IMG_20150321_103835IMG_20150318_194256Pooja_Baraskar  IMG_20150318_124909IMG_20150319_131532 IMG_20150319_125729 IMG_20150319_131209  IMG-20150320-WA0001  IMG_20150319_190257 IMG_20150319_134047 IMG_20150319_125805 20795_935802216471264_2742880350901503935_n 10649629_935802526471233_5728841220573499052_n 11080684_935802213137931_4188030120655411148_o


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