We won at India’s biggest Microsoft Hackathon

This week I attended Future Unleashed Conference in India. Future Unleashed is the largest technology symposium from Microsoft. The conference featured the best and brightest from across the globe and their vision on what’s next with insights on key technology trends that will leave you inspired and enlightened. This was a great opportunity to tailor your learning experience in this one-of-a-kind conference designed to fuel your business and give you a glimpse into the future.

Myself and Abhishek Nandy participated as a team in TechJam, a hackathon at Future Unleashed Conference. TechJam was a golden opportunity for ‘Technical Enthusiasts’ and ‘Hackers’ to come together and participate in what is termed as the genesis of a new age hacking on latest and greatest technologies released to date from Microsoft.
We created a Windows UWP app and won in that category. We also got a Nokia Lumia 925 phone again, a cool Microsoft powerbank and many other goodies.

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