Getting Familiar With Arduino IDE

It is the Arduino IDE what you use to write code for Arduino and Arduino compatible boards. In the previous article we have downloaded Arduino software and done the setup for MediaTek LinkIt one board which is an Arduino compatible board. Before running our first sketch, let’s get familiar to […]


Getting Started With LinkItOne

Mediatek has provided LinkIt ONE Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing apps for LinkIt ONE devices. It consist of a SDK that integrates with the Arduino software to deliver a familiar development environment. Hence if you have a recent version of Arduino IDE installed you can easily add boards through […]


Windows 10 IoT, a major update released

  A new update to Windows 10 IoT Core is now available. With this update, Microsoft improved performance and expanded the ecosystem of supported peripherals. This release supports the new direct memory access bus driver that gives you high performance access for GPIO. Once running, you can expect your GPIO […]


Burglar Alarm with Sending SMS and Email from your IoT device

Phone notifications are a good way to get alerted about an unusual activity. When we are developing an IoT solution it is always good to send SMS to user’s phone for certain activity as the smartphones are always within reach. It is not always possible for a user to monitor […]


Pointing The Spotlight On LinkIt ONE

The new IoT board LinkIt ONE co-designed by Mediatek and Seed Studios is an open source, high performance board for prototyping Wearables and IoT devices. It is a small board based on SoC that comes with onboard Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS that makes it a powerful board for connected devices. […]


Let’s make a SmartWatch

Introduction to Intel Edison The compute module of Intel called Intel Edison is slightly larger than a SD card. After playing around Edison extensively I am completely in love with this tiny computer. The specialty of Edison is – It can be used for wearables also it is enough powerful […]


Arduino’s new Intel Curie based board “Arduino 101” launched

The famous learning and development platform Arduino announced its new microcontroller Arduino 101 which will ship with Intel Curie onboard. It is the first product to use Intel Curie module and has been designed in collaboration with Intel. The Arduino 101 (USA only) and the Genuino 101 (outside USA)  is […]


Intel announced IoT Developer Kit v2.0

Intel announced the release of Intel® IoT Developer Kit v2.0 They added new installers, additional sensor support, updated IDEs, as well as a number of enhancements, bug fixes and improved usability. If you are working with Intel IoT , it is suggested to upgrade the IDEs as many new features […]


WordPress on Azure: Optimizing database

My wordpress blog is hosted on Windows Azure where I share about the technologies I love and work on, in my way. I like to keep things simple and doesn’t not wanted to flood my wordpress blog with Plugins that’s why I installed very few like Akismet for spams, Yoast […]


Introduction to Intel Edison

It is more than a month I got this tiny compute module of Intel called Intel Edison which is slightly larger than a SD card. After playing around Edison extensively I am completely in love with this tiny computer. The specialty of Edison is – It can be used for […]


Prediction of Consumption of Petroleum Products

India is the world’s fourth-largest petroleum consumer. There was a strong volume growth in Petroleum Consumption of India which is now slowed down in the recent two years. This will soon will be reflected in global oil consumption growth. According to “The Economics Times of India”- Domestic consumption data released […]


Burglar Alarm with PIR Motion Sensor 4

A friend from C# Corner asked me about PIR Motion Sensor and its working. Recently I got it for one of my project, when it was in my hands first thing came in my mind was to write an article about it. Working with Sensors is always amazing. I am […]


Integrated Intel RealSense with Intel Galileo

We Integrated Intel Realsense 3D gesture camera with Intel Galileo board. Working with Intel Realsense is always exciting as it is very accurate in detecting gestures and motion. Using that in IoT you can do some awesome stuffs. Here is a short video about it.  

Windows IoT with Intel Galileo

Intel Galileo board runs on Linux operating System by default but we can also make it run on more powerful version of Linux or Windows through a micro SD card. Windows is free for screen size less than 9” so licensing will not be a problem. You can use it […]