Localization in Windows Universal Apps- Part 2

Localizing Images

For localizing an image put them into language specific folder as shown in below image.


Notice there in properties while selecting image source we don’t have to call the language specific image. Windows RT is smart enough to do that for you. Here for demo I have used images with different colors so that we can easily differentiate them. To know how your app looks at different screen sizes you can instantly view that in the Device window which you can find in Design Tab or you can also change the resolution on Simulator and Emulator at run time. This is how our app looks with devices with low resolution.

This is how our app looks with devices with high resolution.



If we run the app with French as our default language on PC we get this result. Also notice the app name.


And if we run the app with English US as default language on a low resolution device we get this result



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